Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) does the following & shall continue to do more of these:


1.Auto/Car scheme.
GRNMA has had extensive discussions with transport /Auto firm.they are going to supply ONLY GRNMA members with saloon vehicles at a very extremely affordable rate where the union will pay upfront for the individual members for them to make installment payment at flexible modules.

2. GRNMA health fund. This seeks to address the health needs (cost) of ailments that fall outside the remit of Health insurance for members.

3. Payment of retirement stipend/ benefit plus nurses fund

4. Payment of Death benefit of Active and life member

5. Payment of spousal Death benefit to Members at a rate determined by Congress/Conference

6. Payment of consultancy fees during salary Negotiations for Members.

7. Payment of Salaries of the Association’s lawyer to fight for members in legal suits in the course of professional practice.

8. Payment of quarterly Quotas to all the 13 specialized groups under GRMNA to run their activities.

9. Payment of quarterly District and Regional Quotas to man the District and Regions respect.

10. Funding for yearly International Nurses and Midwives’ week Celebrations.

11. Funding of yearly Best Nurse/Midwives Award ( one member from each Region)

12. Funding of biannual Memorial Lecture of Dr. Dorcia Kissei.vImages of the executives

13.Funding for Delegate Conference/Congresses.

14. Procurement and free distribution of souvenirs for all members every year.

15. Payment of yearly international and affiliation dues ( Public Service International (PSI), International Council of Nurses(ICN), International Council of Midwives (ICM), Commonwealth Federation of Nurses and Midwives (CFNM), West African Health Sector Union Network ( WAHSUN).

16. Funding for Regional and District tours by National Executives.

17.Financial Support to Members in distress situations ( Armed robbery, Fires, Accidents, etc)

18. Financial support to Specialized groups during AGMs.

19. Hostels
Members use the facility with 50% price waived off…for Free breakfast, wi-fi, fridge, digital tv, air-conditioning, etc

20.Housing & land Scheme.
If you go to Afari near the military hospital of the Abuakwa route, you will find this vast evidence there where the union has built houses on a vast land.some of them are already occupied by their respective GRNMA members. Others too yet to hand over to the owner. Some to work just began.

Those who needed land alone too has had it now in a town called Adum-Afrancho. over there to a very vast well-demarcated land with genuine documents is going to members at a very cheap price with flexible terms.

21.Soft Loan Scheme.
GRNMA, will not ridicule the profession by asking u to come for common Iron with a payslip.

We are rather giving a loan scheme to every member at an unprecedented 10%per annum rate. This rate is the Cheapest & has never happened to the financial sector in Ghana’s history.
(Expect these few weeks)

A lot of actions oriented stuff in the pipeline. soon discerning members would easily decide for themselves.

Contributed nurse fund plus accrued interest is due to a member on retirement or next of king when death occurs.