Nurses and Midwives Youth Camp Empowers Professionals with Social Media Insights

Accra, [11th August 2023] – The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) organized a transformative scientific session as part of its National Youth Boot Camp 2023, held at the Nurses Secretariat in Zoti. The event saw dynamic discussions on leveraging social media to enhance the image of nursing and midwifery in Ghana, featuring distinguished facilitators Afia Drah and Edward Asare.

Afia Drah, an esteemed public relations and brands expert, took the stage to illuminate the audience on the art of utilizing social media as a catalyst for positive change in the nursing and midwifery sector. Drah eloquently emphasized the significance of choosing the right platform for professional work, underlining that each platform serves a distinct purpose and caters to a specific audience.

Drah’s insights delved into self-regulating the use of social media to maintain a professional demeanor while authentically representing the nursing and midwifery profession. Her emphasis on being truthful with the contents shared resonated strongly with the audience, echoing the importance of transparent communication in shaping the image of healthcare providers.

One of the key takeaways from Drah’s session was the call to engage the general public through a compelling storytelling approach. Drah highlighted the power of storytelling in creating relatable and impactful narratives that resonate with people, bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the community.

Moreover, Drah stressed the value of social listening, encouraging nurses and midwives to actively listen to the concerns, perceptions, and experiences of the public. This, she affirmed, fosters a meaningful dialogue and nurtures mutual understanding.

In her comprehensive presentation, Drah left no stone unturned as she elucidated how nurses and midwives could also translate their passion and profession into a profitable endeavor using social media platforms.

Edward Asare, a seasoned digital marketer, complemented Drah’s insights by focusing on building a robust professional online presence. Asare underscored that social media is an extension of real life, emphasizing the importance of maintaining authenticity in online interactions.

Asare’s engaging session revolved around recognizing the power of social media to connect professionals with peers, experts, and organizations on a global scale. His presentation provided practical strategies for nurses and midwives to establish themselves as authoritative figures within their field while upholding the profession’s integrity and ethical standards.

The event was a resounding success, attracting nurses and midwives from across Ghana, eager to harness the potential of social media to elevate the image of their profession. The GRNMA National Youth Boot Camp 2023 truly created a platform for meaningful dialogue, empowerment, and strategic insights.

The youth camp’s scientific session, graced by Afia Drah and Edward Asare, undoubtedly left a lasting impact on attendees, equipping them with the tools to effectively utilize social media as a vehicle for positive change and professional growth in the realm of nursing and midwifery.