Criteria for Nomination

  1. A registered member of GRNMA with valid PIN
  2. A minimum of 10 years working experience
  3. Evidence of tangible achievement in nursing and midwifery internationally
  4. Evidence of awards received internationally
  5. Holding leadership positions in nursing/midwifery organizations
  6. Evidence of international collaboration
  7. Evidence of international grants applied to the growth of the nursing and midwifery professions
  8. Evidence of serving on international committees/boards
  9. Evidence of attendance/presentation at seminars/symposia/conferences internationally
  10. Evidence of contribution to policy/relevant documents/decisions/initiatives internationally


Short Bio of Dr. Docia Kesseih

Dr. Docia A. N. Kesseih was the first President and founder of the Ghana Registered Nurses’ Association. From 1960 – 1970. She was Awarded Meritorious Award in 1966 by GRNA and she initiated the Merger of Qualified Registered Nurses (QRNs), the Society of Registered Nurse of Ghana and the State Registered Nurses of Ghana (SRN) into one Association in 1960 as Ghana Registered Nurses’ Association (GRNA). She was the first Ghanaian Chief Nursing Officer to take over from British Colonial Government 1961-1974. She initiated the Affiliation of the Ghana Registered Nurses’ Association to International Council of Nurses (ICN) – 1961 and negotiated for the salary scales for nurses in 1962. She developed a comprehensive National Basic Nurse Education Curriculum and recommended the creation of the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Ghana. Dr. Kesseih influenced the establishment of the Nursing Department in University of Ghana, Legon in 1963 for higher nursing education which she gained the Name “Mother of Education. She also structured the Nursing Division of the Ministry of Health and introduced in-service education in nursing. She was a Member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Nursing for Africa -1961 -1983. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) – 1969 – 1973 and the first Vice President of International Council of Nurses (ICN)- 1973 -1977. She again obtained the Member of the Order of the Volta in March, 1979 (Ghana National Award). Dr. Kesseih was honoured by the Ghana Government in 1984 with her portrait on the 100 cedis note and an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Law (honoris Causa) was conferred on her 89th birthday (13/08/2008) for her immense contribution to Nursing Education and Practice in Ghana (Meritorious) by the University of Ghana.